Who am I, why am I here? What is infinity? What is reality?

While contemplating on these existential topics, and in search of the answer to the big Why are we here?, Amsterdam based Samuel Dejong translates his fascination with reality into a spectrum of art, ranging from the perfection of the natural forms and the smallest living matter to the abstract imperfection.

As a self-taught artist with a medical background in surgery, bio-engineering and design, he stretches the limits of technical as well as aesthetic potential. While in his earlier works he applied the precision of a surgeon to fine art, Dejong has fully departed into abstraction in his latest works. The link to nature remains.

Surgery has taught him persistence, precision, anatomy, the beauty of perfection and the delicacy of life. Science has taught him to look deeper, beyond, to look for serendipity and try to understand what the essential elements of life are. He tries to combine this knowledge and integrate it into his art.

Seeking inspiration in history, science, nature, as well as art movements like De Stijl, Nouveau Réalisme, Biomorphism, Surrealism and Spatialism, Samuel Dejong strives for harmony and equilibrium. In a world full of chaos there are places where everything is at peace.